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The official News18 app bring to you breaking news and top stories on the go, getting you access to the news that matters from India and the world with its vast network of award-winning journalists covering the latest in politics, business, sports, entertainment, technology and more with expert reporting and multimedia storytelling.

News18 is part of Network 18, India's largest media group, and the single app lets you read stories in 13 languages and watch 16 live TV channels in 11 languages. The app is free to use and allows personalisation so that you can pick and re-order the news categories to suit your interests.

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What our users say

  • I love it, because if you want to be updated with news from any state/city in India, this is the app for you

    - Digital Sandeep
  • Useful... !! always updated with the latest news !! The notifications pop up in time so as to keep me updated with the most recent news !!

    - Richa Jaipuriar
  • Love the Bangla content and the easy navigation between videos and text.

    - Sidhartha Banerjee
  • Personalized news based on your interest and available in any popular languages.

    - Nirmay Shah
  • Loved the watch to read feature and multilingual support with clean book...great app to consume latest news on the go..

    - Vicky Naik
  • The app is super smooth.Usually I read news while travelling and app responded well even on minimal network. I loved the multiple language options available for me as a reader..the only news app I need my phone

    - Ashish Patil
News18 App Download