News18 Reel Movie Awards 2023
Winners Performances that claimed their rightful spotlight! Here’s the list of winners who exceeded all expectations with their awe-inspiring performances.



Cinema is evolving. From dishing out just larger-than-life commercial ‘masala’ entertainers, the Hindi film industry is moving towards more realistic ‘content’ driven movies. These are being appreciated by the audiences and critics alike. Bollywood has witnessed a transformation in what it produces, with the emergence of OTT platforms playing a leading role over the past few years. Covid-19, too, has changed the rules of the game. Stars and newcomers now are equally enthused to be part of web shows. Films and series with unique storytelling formats are standing tall even as they compete with big-budget ‘formula’ films.

With this year’s edition of News18 Showsha Reel Awards, we are taking our commitment to award the Hindi film industry’s best talent to the next level. It’s the perfect time to give a shout out to those who deserve the accolades for pulling cinema out of the clutches of clichéd market rules.

Come join us to celebrate their achievements.