Can Meditation Improve Gut Health?

A new study published in the journal General Psychiatry reports that regular deep meditation may help regulate the gut microbiome and lower the risks of physical and mental illness.

The study authors said previous research shows the gut microbiome can affect mood and behaviour through the gut–brain axis.

The gut-brain axis includes the body’s immune response, hormonal signaling, and stress response.

The researchers pointed out meditation is increasingly being used to help treat mental health disorders.

The team then applied an advanced analytical technique to predict which chemical processes the microbes might be influencing.

This indicated several protective anti-inflammatory pathways, in addition to metabolism — the conversion of food into energy — were enhanced in those who meditated.

Experts say there’s a crucial relationship between the human body and the microorganisms that inhabit it.

When you are anxious or stressed, one tends to eat a lot and not workout, but once you start meditating that can start affecting your gut health well.

There are a lot of meditative poses that solely focuses on the improvement of gut health and can be practised daily for better results.

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