To Block Outdated Apps With Updated API Requirements

Android 14

Developers are now required to target Android 12 or later for new apps on the Google Play Store.

Starting with Android 14, apps targeting outdated versions of Android will be restricted.

Until now, minimum API level requirements only applied to apps submitted to the Google Play Store.

Developers could still create apps for older Android versions but users had to manually install the APK file.

Android 14's updated API requirements will completely restrict the installation of outdated applications.

Users will not be able to sideload specific APK files and app stores will not be able to install those specific apps.

Android 14 devices will initially only block apps intended for "older Android versions".

This will later be extended to include Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Each device manufacturer may have the freedom to choose the cutoff for outdated apps or whether to enable it at all.

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