Valentine’s Week:

Health Benefits
Of Chocolate

Chocolate Day is a part of
Valentine’s Week, and is
celebrated on February 9.

Chocolates can bring a
smile to everyone’s face,
irrespective of their age.

Besides being considered as
the best option to express
love and warmth, chocolates
have several health benefits.

Antioxidants present in dark
chocolates can help lower
blood pressure and is good
for cardiovascular health.

Experts claim that chocolate is
an effective cholesterol-lowering
food that lowers the levels of
bad cholesterol in the body.

Consumption of chocolate
releases endorphins, the
feel-good chemicals in
your body that make
you feel happy.

+ + +



Chocolates have caffeine, a
known brain booster that,
in low doses, improves
both mental and physical

White chocolate can
be a good source
of calcium.

+ + +

Antioxidants in dark
chocolate reduce the risk of
clotting and increase blood
circulation to the heart.

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