Wishes You Can
Send To Your
Special Someone

Promise Day:

The fifth day of
Valentine’s week i.e.
February 11 is dedicated
to making promises.

Promise Day holds a
special place for those who
are in love and for those
who wish to fall in love.

As the name goes, partners commit to or promise to be with each other, something that holds value to them on this day.

Check out some wishes,
quotes, and messages you
can send to your loved ones
on this Promise Day.

True love always asks for
commitment, loyalty, and trust.
I promise you that I will never
disappoint you. Happy Promise Day!

From the bottom of my
heart, I would like to
promise you that I will love
you and take care of you
till my very last breath.
Happy Promise Day!

Promise me with all your heart,
you will never let us fall apart,
you will always be my strength
as I will be yours, promise me
that you will never be gone!

Thank you for giving me a reason
to smile, thank you for giving me
a reason to admire you, thank you
for loving me throughout my
highs and lows. Promise me that
you will keep loving me like this.

With every heartbeat and time
spent with you I will love you
more and more. I promise,
through your beauty and flaws,
your failures and your success my
love will only multiply evermore.

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