Valentine's Week:
Significance Of
Teddy Bears

Teddy Day is celebrated
on February 10 - as part of
Valentine's Week - by people
across the world to convey
their feelings for their partner.

Teddy bears are
obviously one of the
cutest gifts.

+ + +

The day is celebrated by giving
a gift (cuddly teddy bear) that
symbolises the love/relationship
of two individuals.

Red Teddy represents
passion and love. It is meant
to enhance the emotional
intensity of a connection.

Pink Teddy signifies
acceptance of your
proposal that he or she
loves and appreciates you.

Blue Teddy represents
depth, strength, wisdom,
and commitment.

Green Teddy symbolises a deep
connection with your lover and
your willingness to wait for them.

Orange Teddy is a
symbol of happiness,
hope, and light.

To win someone’s heart,
give them the teddy bear
of their favourite colour.

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