Tablet Sales Back
To Pre-Covid
Levels Globally

Tablet sales have dropped
once again in 2022 as the
market stabilises after the
pandemic-induced growth.

Shipments have come
down have recording
over 100 percent growth
in the last 24 months.

Even then Apple has the
leadership position in
the tablet segment,
which is hardly surprising.

Samsung comes close
second but the difference
in the units shipped by
both the giants is quite big.

Apple owns the tablet
space with over 49
percent market share
with the iPad series.

Apple and Samsung are the
only brands to grow in this
sector during this period.

The next three brands in total
have 15 percent share, which
shows the gulf between the
top and the rest.

People working from
home and classes done
virtually bumped up
the demand.

But the market is now
moving to its original
position and likely to
continue at this level.

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