Benefits Of Nadi
Shodhana Pranayama

Alternate nostril breathing is a
yogic breath control practice.
In Sanskrit, it’s known as nadi
shodhana pranayama.

This type of exercise can be
done as part of a yoga or meditation
practice. Alternate nostril breathing
can also be done as its own practice
to help you quiet and still your mind.

Yogic breathing practices
may improve lung function
and respiratory endurance.
This pranayama has an
extremely good effect on
swimmers and athletes.

Alternate nostril breathing
may be a useful method to
help you lower your heart
rate in the moment.

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Alternate nostril breathing
was also found to increase
breath awareness and have
a beneficial effect on the
nervous system.

Talk to your doctor before
starting the practice if you
have a medical condition such
as asthma, COPD, or any other
lung or heart concern.

You can practice alternate
nostril breathing on your
own, but you may want to ask
a yoga teacher to show you the
practice in person so you can
make sure you’re doing
it correctly.

Focus on keeping your breath
slow, smooth, and continuous.
Focusing on your breath will
help you to remember where
you are in the cycle.

You can do alternate
nostril breathing at any
time and place that feels
most comfortable to you.

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