Romantic Messages
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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day falls on
February 14 and is also known
as St Valentine’s Day or the
Feast of Saint Valentine.

The day is an annual festival
to celebrate love, friendship,
and admiration.

+ + +

Roses, dinner dates & a
romantic strolls are some
of the romantic ways to
celebrate Valentine's Day.

+ + +

You can also express your
love by sharing romantic

"I would rather share
one lifetime with you
than face all the ages
of this world alone."

"Every love story is wonderful
but ours is my favourite.
Happy Valentine’s Day!"

"Your flaws are perfect for the
heart that’s meant to love
you. Happy Valentine’s Day!"

"It’s just one day in the year,
but you should know that I
love you every day and every
moment. Take my love on
this beautiful occasion!"

"The more time we spend
together, the more we fall in
love with each other. Happy
Valentine's Day!"

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